Executive Director Matt Hon and Board Vice President Dan SkahenCongratulations to the new Key West Business Guild membersJames Marquardt - Utility Board Group I CandidateDonna Bosold - Utility Board Group 1 CandidateIncumbent Mona Clark - Utility Board Group 4 CandidiateIncumbent Charlie Bradford - Utility Board Member Group 5 CandidateModerator Todd GermanClay Ratliffe won the 50-50 drawingCandidates for City Key West 2015 ElectionsSamuel J. Kaufman - Commissioner District II CandidateChristine Gorham -Utility Board Group 4 CandidiateMorgan McPherson -Commissioner District II CandidateRichard G. Payne - Commissioner District IV CandidateMargaret Romero - Commissioner District V CandidateMike Mongo - Commissioner District V CandidateIncumbent Tony Yaniz - Commissioner District IV Candidate